Who We Are

Ligo Group is a bag manufacturing brand established in 2020. We create bags of different varieties for large corporates & multinationals in various industries. We specialize in delivering large consignments within set deadlines. With the help of our exceptional artisans and crew, we have handed over orders on and before time.

We try to provide our patrons with world-class designs, highly competitive pricing, fast turnarounds, and the finest product quality. We keep striving for more, and strongly believe in providing superior quality products.

From picking top-notch materials to utilizing full potential of our skilled professionals, we go into a great depth on all levels of execution for bag manufacturing. We don’t want to settle, we want to deliver better with every new attempt. We keep improving our designs, selection of materials, and other elements to create the classy bags.

ligo-promises Ligo Group Promises

  • 01 Practical Pricing
  • 02 Unbeatable Quality
  • 03 Classy Designs
sedex certification
Ligo Group is proud to be a SEDEX-certified company that conveys our committed to ethical business practices. This certification reflects our audit methodology that ensures compliance with ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain by covering labour rights, health and safety, environmental performance, and business ethics. We want our clients to understand their social responsibility while doing their business with us.


Our ultimate goal is to make Ligo Group’s label shine amongst the prevalent bag manufacturer names in the country. Our eyes are set to deliver patron's orders timely with the help of cutting-edge technology, unique designs, and skilled Kaarigars.


We are all set to cater to the needs of the modern lifestyle. With our unique designs and efficient manufacturing. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and serve them with a classy experience through our bags. We want to dedicate our 360-degree efforts to delivering the best products.

Our Core Values
As a team of outcome-oriented people, we are committed to working towards continuous improvement. In order to provide our patrons with the best services, we strive to do our best. We dedicatedly work to yield outstanding results.
We are willing to explore new frontiers in bag designs along with manufacturing, styles, and trends. We aim to push our boundaries and challenge what’s conventional to create products that meet the evolving needs of our customers.
Fine Quality
We, at Ligo, never compromise on quality. We are committed to using only the best materials, employing skilled craftsmen, and utilizing rigorous quality control processes. We ensure that every bag we produce meets our high standards.
We aim to make our bags affordable without compromising on the value and quality we deliver. We are committed to offering our products at a competitive pricing without hampering their quality and style.
At Ligo Group, we embrace a culture of constant pursuit of excellence. We never settle because we want to get better and better with every new bag produce. Our hunger for perfection is what keeps us going.
We are committed to being environment-friendly. We want to minimize environmental harm and bring about a positive impact while preserving natural resources. We also aim to enlighten our customers on sustainable practices for a better future.
We believe that trust is earned through honesty and consistency. We dedicatedly work to ensure that our employees feel valued and supported while we provide them with a safe and positive work environment where they can thrive.