Rucksack Bag

We, being the pioneer of rucksack bag manufacturers, believe in producing quality rucksack bags that come with adequate space. We provide quality rucksack bags which are considered to be an ideal pack for hiking and camping adventure for your travellers’ soul. With the help of experienced karigars, our produced bags offer a versatile solution for different purposes. Presenting lightweight and durable rucksack bags that are created to make the life of travellers smoother than before.

Material Used:

Eva Pasted Fabrics


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Futuristic Designs
We aesthetically design our bags to suit the customer's needs. With consumer feedback, we continuously try to innovate to create the finest bags.
Our Foundation
Ligo Group is deeply rooted in trust and honesty. We provide a secure environment for our employees so they can bring their best to the table.
15+ Quality Assurance Tests
We are committed to delivering fine-quality products. Not a single bag leaves our factory without going through mandatory quality assurance tests.
On-Time Delivery 
Along with providing the finest products, delivering the order on time is crucial to us. We are committed to supplying our bag consignments on time.